Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starry Nights :-

Radiate the star that you are with a spotlight stealing pendant featuring three beaded stars and glitzy rhinestone chains.

Tri-Star Pendant
"Eccentricity is what's sexy in people."
- Rachel Weisz -

Materials for Tri-Star Pendant :-

15 x 6mm silver bicones
silver wire
silver cupchains (two different sizes)
silver leather crimps
silver 5mm jump rings
silver lobster clasps
silver chain

Step-by-step :-

1.  To bead a silver star, cut approx. 17cm of silver wire.  Approx. 5cm from one end, bend one wire end upwards.  Thread a silver bicone on to the taller end.  Then feed the tall wire end back through that bead, taking care not to pull all the wire through that bead.  In other words leave a little loop beneath the bicone.

2.  Add another bicone on the tall wire end and feed back through that bead as well, leaving a little loop also.  Repeat this sequence with two more bicones.  After four of these, bend the little loops below the beads towards the back (almost like little prongs capping the bicones).  Thread the fifth bicone through both wire ends and twist the remaining wire together for approx. 2cm.  Finish with a wrapped loop and trim excess wire.  Make two more stars like this.

 3.  Carefully “demolish” a crystal cup from one end of the smaller cupchain, taking care not to demolish the metal link inside that cup also.  Fix a leather crimp securely onto that exposed piece of the cupchain link.  Skip the next nine cups on that cupchain and “demolish” the tenth cup.  Finish with a leather crimp on the other end as well.  Use a small jump ring to attach a beaded star to one end.  Close jump ring.

4.  Make two more dangles like above, gradually decreasing the length- and amount of cups per chain.  For example the tall one may contain nine cups, the second six and the shortest three.

5.  Also fix leather crimps to the ends of a cupchain with slightly larger cups (approx. 10 cups).  Use jump rings to attach a lobster clasp on to each end.  Also attach the tallest star dangle with a jump ring in the centre of the ten-cup cupchain and the two shorter dangles on the sides.  Fasten the two lobster clasps to a piece of chain of desired length.

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