Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tinsel Season :-

Tis the season for tinsel in town!  So go on, be merry and spread the glitter around!

Poinsettia Ring

Christmas Tree Pin
"The perfect Christmas tree?
All Christmas trees are perfect!"
- Charles N. Barnard -

Materials for Christmas Tree Pin :-

6 x acrylic red flowers
6 x antique brass bead caps
6 x cupchain crystals
33 x 6mm topaz bicones
Golden wire
Brooch back

Step-by-step :-

1.  Cut a 7cm piece of fine golden wire and thread a cupchain crystal on to the centre of it.  Bend both wire ends downwards and feed them both through a bead cap, followed by the acrylic flower.  Twist the two wire ends together for approx. 2cm and complete a wrapped loop with the twisted wire.  Trim excess wire.  Make five more flowers like this one.

2.  To assemble the tree, start by threading a topaz bicone on to the centre of a 60cm piece of stronger wire.  Add a bicone, a beaded flower and another bicone on any wire end and cross the other wire through it.

3.  Next, cross the two wires through three bicones.

4.  The next row consists of a bicone, a flower, two bicones, another flower and another bicone.  Ensure that all the flowers are facing towards the same side of the beaded tree motif.

5.  The next row consists of five bicones.  After that three bicones, a flower and three bicones.

6.  On any wire end, add a bicone, a flower and two bicones.  Feed back through the first two bicones including the flower.  Repeat the same with the other wire end.  Then add a bicone on to each wire end and cross in another bicone.

7.  Follow with a row of two bicones and cross both wires after that in a single bicone.  Feed lose ends through some adjacent beads before trimming excess wire.  Use approx. 15cm of wire to sew the brooch back on to the back of the motif and trim excess wire if applicable.

Materials for Poinsettia Ring :-

5 x red glass leaves (with brass loops)
6mm jump ring
tall head pin
antique brass spacer
large salmon acrylic bead 2 x large bead caps (flattened slightly)
ring base or beads therefore

Step-by-step :-

1.  The method for assembling this flower is exactly the same as the “Floral Brooch” in “Live Earth Neutral - (May 11th, 2011)”.  The five glass leaves are connected with a jump ring and then a head pin that’s finished with a wrapped loop pull everything together …

2.  This versatile flower can of course be used for anything (not necessarily a ring only).  As previously done, it can also become a brooch or even a component and/or focal point of a necklace or bracelet as well.  Should you however desire a ring like this, there are various options.  This component can be glued or sewed with wire onto on existing ring base or it can be weaved together with some beads into a ring base.  Experiment a bit with stretchy cord also if you like and hopefully stretch your own imagination along with it!

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