Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gold and Silver :-

Rich details make the difference in a minimalistic outfit.  Though pieces made from inexpensive vintage buttons are not really as rich as they may seem aftertall.

Vintage Buttons Pendant

Button Ring

"All that glisters is not gold;
often have you heard that told."
- William Shakespeare -

Materials for Buttons Pendant :-

3 x plastic golden vintage buttons (of which one may have a pearl cabochon)
3 x silver bead cap cones (with seperative sides)
7mm & 5mm silver jump rings
silver solid jump ring

Step-by-step :-

This pendant is a variation on the “Painted Glass Stones Bracelet ” in “Through the Looking Glass ” - (September 11th, 2011), except instead of painted glass stones, vintage plastic buttons were used.  Furthermore, the procedure for assembling the pendant is exactly the same as for the bracelet.

Obviously, this pendant doesn’t have as many links as the bracelet and a detailed silver solid jump ring gets attached to the top link of the pendant.  Any cord or chain of choice may then be threaded through it.

To remove the button loops at the back of the vintage buttons, simply employ your wire cutters to cut through the soft plastic, BUT…
WARNING! : Take care to properly protect your eyes (or close your eyes or look away) whilst cutting the plastic since it does tend to shoot in unexpected directions when cutting it with a wire cutter!

Button Ring :-

Cut the loop at the back of the button of your choice and use the separated sides of the silver bead cap to “prong set” the button within the flattened bead cap.  Use jewellers glue or resin to attach this ring top to a silver ring base.  In fact, if you use resin, it will stick for life!