Friday, October 21, 2011

Earth Angel :-

A great way to soften a rather vibrant print is to wear it with earth tone accessories.

Earth Tone Necklace

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Materials for Earth Tone Necklace :-

5 x clear green glass leaves (with brass loops)
9 x 6mm silver glass bicones
3 x 10mm faceted bronze glass beads
3 x turquoise nuggets
size 8 seed beads in bronze
silver wire
chain or cord of choice

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread three seed beads, a glass leave, three seed beads and a silver bicone onto the centre of a 30cm piece of silver wire.  Cross the two wire ends in the silver bicone.

2.  On any wire end, thread three seed beads, a silver bicone, three seed beads, a glass leave and two seed beads. Feed back through the silver bicone.  Repeat the same with the other wire end on the other side of the necklace.

3.  Pick up a 10cm piece of wire and thread a silver bicone, a large bronze bead and another bicone onto the center of that wire.  Position these three beads inside the middle of the necklace.  On any end of the necklace, thread both corresponding wires through a silver bicone followed by three seed beads plus another bicone.  Repeat the same with the other two wires on the other side of the necklace

4.  Repeat step 2 above on both sides of the necklace.  (No need to loop both wire ends back, only one will do.)  Twist the wire end together for approx. 2cm and complete a wrapped loop with the twisted wire.  Trim excess wire.  Repeat on other side.

5.  Slide this beaded pendant through any chain or cord of desired length and add some beads between and around the pendant.  Some crimps may also be employed to position and steady the beads on the chain.


  1. AMAZING blog,,,AWESOME sketches,,,love it. Now2 following:)))

  2. Thanks Qhule, always nice to receive feedback.