Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monochromatic :-

With colour block in vogue, why not experiment with a single accent bead in one colour surrounded by beads in a monochromatic colourway?

Monochromatic Necklace
"There is no blue without yellow
and without orange."
- Vincent van Gogh -

Materials for Monochromatic Necklace :-

80’s plastic necklace
assortment of chunky beads
golden spacer beads
golden crimp beads
golden stringing wire (approx. 25cm)
golden jump rings
golden clasp (corresponding with necklace clasp)

Step-by-step :-

1.  If you’ve got a typical plastic necklace bought from a department store back in the power 80’s, you can still wear that necklace today without dismembering it.  To give it a more modern twist the secret is to extend it with an array of chunky beads which can also double up as a bracelet.  In this case the plastic necklace has golden accents and –clasps, so merely keep this golden tone merging into the extender as well.

2.  Open a golden jump ring and slide a crimp bead onto it.  Close the jump ring.  Thread the golden stringing wire through the crimp bead on the jump ring, leaving a tail of approx. 3cm on one end.  Thread both wire ends though another crimp bead and slide this crimp as snugly as possible up to the crimp on the jump ring.  Crimp the crimp bead on the two wires, but NOT the one in the jump ring.  The crimp bead on the jump ring is to protect the wire from slipping through the opening of the jump ring.  If you use a soldered jump ring, that of course won’t be necessary.

3.  Thread a golden spacer bead followed by your array of chunky beads onto the stringing wire.  You can add some more golden spacers here and there for added interest.  When your extender is approx. 17-18cm long, finish the other end of the extender off the same manner you’ve started it.  Attach a clasp to any end and attach both ends to the corresponding ends of the necklace’s clasps.

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