Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Floral Fantasy :-

Refresh your style with a necklace consisting of petals borrowed from silk flowers.

Silk Flower Necklace

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers."
- Claude Monet -

Materials for Silk Flower Necklace :-

2 x silk flowers in different colours (petals taken apart)
15mm glass squares
8mm bicone crystals
top-drilled round silver metals with floating “rose quartz”
large clear glass leaves
freshwater pearls
silver spacers, jump rings, head pins, leather crimps and –findings
cotton waxed cord in two colours
leather cord in two colours

Step-by-step :-

1.  This is another one of those freeform necklaces, where there are no rules – just basic guidelines.  The main features in this particular necklace are the three silk flowers composed from the petals of two different coloured silk flowers and the large glass leaves.  Furthermore any old leftover beads may be used so long as they’re complimentary to the colour scheme.  The same apply to the colours of the cotton waxed- and leather cords.

2.  To make the two-coloured flower dangle, string a bicone crystal on a head pin, the inside petal, the outside petal in another colour and a silver spacer.  Finish with a wrapped loop and trim excess wire.  Make the other two flowers in only one colour scheme each and for diversion, use maybe some pearls for their centers.

3.  Next, make some dangles with other beads too.  String a top-drilled round metal through some eye pin wire and bend both wire ends upwards.  Wrap one wire end around the other and trim excess wire.  Thread two jump rings and a rose crystal on the remaining wire and make a plain loop above that bead.  Trim excess wire.

4.  To assemble the necklace use leather crimps to connect two strings of waxed cord.  How tall these cords are depends on how long you’d like your necklace.  Thread the first flower dangle onto both cords and make an overhand knot after the flower.  Continue knotting in more beads and dangles onto those cords complimentary to the same colour scheme.  Repeat the same with the other side of the necklace, this time in the opposite colour scheme.

5.  When you’ve reached the center of your necklace, tie all four cords together with an overhand knot.  Open a small jump ring, slide the two-coloured flower dangle onto it and attach the jump ring around all four strings of cord just above the knot.  Close the jump ring.

6.  Finish the loose ends of the cords with some final dangles and –knots and trim excess cord.  This specific necklace was finished off with leather cords in a different colour per side and the ends were crimped together with leather crimps.  Use some jump rings to attach the clasp findings to the ends.

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