Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amethyst and Amber :-

Grape and honey is what make life sunny.  Indulge in a chunk of almost amethyst smothered in a golden honeytrap of almost amber.

Daisy Earrings

Rectangular Jewel Ring
"Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment.
There is no why."
- Kurt Vonnegut -

Materials for Daisy Earrings :-

20 x 8mm glass rondelles in amethyst
2 x 10mm faceted beads in bronze
2 x 8mm shell rectangles
2 x purple pearls
Antique brass earring hooks
Antique brass eye pins
Antique brass wire – 2 x 20cm

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread an amethyst rondelle on to the centre of a 20cm piece of wire.  Bend both wire ends towards the same direction.

2.  Next, slide a large bronze bead on both wires.  After the bronze bead, bend the two wire ends in opposite directions.

3.  Thread another purple bead on to any wire end and cross both wire ends in that bead above the bronze bead.  Pull the wire tight to ensure that the fit is snug.

4.  Next, thread four purple beads on to any wire end and feed through the original purple bead in step 1.  Repeat the same with the other wire end.

5.  After crossing both wires through the original purple bead, twist wire ends together for approx. 2cm and completed a wrapped loop with the twisted wire.  Trim excess wire.

6.  Thread a shell rectangle followed by a pearl on an eye pin and make a plain loop above the pearl.  Attach the loop below the shell rectangle to the wrapped loop of the daisy and the loop above the pearl to the loop of the earring hook.  Make a second earring to match the first.


Materials for Rectangular Jewel Ring :-

1 x 12mm glass rectangle in amethyst
2 x 8mm faceted glass rondelles in pink
6 x 8mm faceted amber beads
Size 8 seed beads in amber
Nylon thread – 60 cm

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread two seed beads, three large amber beads and two seed beads on to the center of a 60cm piece of nylon thread.

2.  Thread a pink rondelle, the amethyst rectangle and the other pink rondelle on to any end of the nylon thread.  Cross the other end through those last three beads.

3.  Next, add two seed beads on to each end and cross again in the remaining three amber beads.  Feed any end through the adjacent four seed beads and three amber beads on the outside.

4.  Cross both ends through the adjacent four seed beads and start making the ring base by threading three seed beads on to each end and crossing in two.  Continue with this sequence to fit the size of your finger (including ring top).

5.  Then cross in the two seed beads in the opposite end of the ring top.  Thread the ends of the thread back through the seed beads along the sides of the ring base, adding a seed bead between each gap.  Join again in the opposite end of the ring top.  Finish with a decent knot and feed the ends through some adjacent beads before cutting off.


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