Friday, July 1, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors :-

Shiny crystal and smokey metals - orange hues work well with both golden- as well as silver metal accents.

Smoke-and-Mirror Earrings

Tall Necklace

"Dusk is just an illusion, because the sun is either above the horizon or below it."
- Unknown -

Materials for Smoke-and-Mirror Earrings :-

2 x antique brass earring hooks
2 x 8mm bicone crystals in light topaz
2 x 6mm bicone beads in silver
2 x fireball crystals in clear AB
18 x 4mm faceted beads in bronze
2 x 10mm faceted beads in silver
2 x 10mm faceted crystal in clear AB
2 x top-drilled crystal teardrops in light topaz
gold plated cupchain cut into lengths of approx. 2 x 7cm
antique brass head pins
antique brass eye pins
antique brass jump rings
golden wire

Step-by-step :-

1.  String a silver bicone bead on an eye pin and make a plain loop above the bead.  Attach the loop above the bead to the loop of an earring hook.  String a light topaz bicone crystal on an eye pin and make a plain loop above this crystal.  Attach the loop above this crystal to the loop below the silver bead.  Close the loop.

2.  Take two pieces of golden wire cut into lengths of approx. twice the length of the cupchain.  Twist the two wire ends together for approx. 2cm and finish with a wrapped loop.  Trim excess wire.  Wind the two wire ends around the cupchain by criss-crossing them below- and above the metal links between the crystal cups.  After wrapping the last link, twist remaining wire ends together for approx. 2cm and finish with another wrapped loop.  Bend the wire-wrapped cupchain finding into a curve.

3.  String four small bronze beads on a tall eye pin, followed by the first wrapped loop of the cupchain curve, another bronze bead, the second wrapped loop and four more bronze beads.  Finish with a plain loop and bend this also into a curve.  String the fireball crystal on a head pin and make a plain loop above this crystal.  Open the loop below the light topaz bicone dangle and connect with one loop of the bronze bead circle, the loop above the fireball and the other loop of the bronze circle.  Close the loop and ensure that the fireball fits snugly inside the bronze circle.

4.  Cut approx. 15cm of wire and string a large silver bead onto the centre of it.  Position the silver bead at the nape of the cupchain curve and wind the two wire ends on to the cupchain finding, crossing some times through the silver bead back and forth.  When you’re satisfied that the bead fits securely enough on to the finding, wrap the two wire ends at the bottom for approx. 2cm and finish with a wrapped loop.  Trim excess wire.

5.  String the large faceted crystal on an eye pin and make a plain loop above this crystal.  Connect the loop above this crystal to the previous wrapped loop.  Use a jump ring to connect the light topaz teardrop to the loop below the previous crystal.  Close the jump ring.  Make a second earring to match the first.


Materials for Metallics-and-Crystal Tall Necklace :-

silver snake link chain cut into lengths of 110cm; 95cm & 85cm
silver crimps beads
silver crimp bead covers
silver small leather crimps
2 x 3-string clasps in silver
pewter t-bar clasp
silver jump rings
Assortment of beads from 6mm to 15mm, ranging from crystals, gemstones, large glass beads, hematite, silver, amber, bronze, etc………
silver and/or golden spacers and bead caps

Step-by-step :-

1.  A pretty free-style project, so long as there if more or less a balance in (1) the lengths of the three strands; (2) pleasing distribution of bead types, colours and sizes and (3) weight hanging in the centre of the three strands.

2.  Start with the bottom (tallest) strand and string a variety of beads (large and small) with some spacers and beads caps in a row of approx. 15cm.  Slide these beads onto the centre of the tallest piece of chain and crimp on each side with a crimp bead.  Cover the crimps with crimp covers for an even more sophisticated finish.

3.  On the centre of the middle strand, a 7cm row of beads were strung and on the top strand another 15cm row hangs in the centre.

4.  Let your eye guide you and string some more mini-rows of beads on either sides of the strands, ranging from about 3cm to 6cm.  Also leave exposed chain between mini-rows ranging from 5cm to 10cm.  Again, go pretty free-form, let your eye guide you and cover the crimps with crimp covers as you go along.

5.  When you’re satisfied with the look of the three strands, finish the ends of the chains with small leather crimps.  Use jump rings to connect the crimped ends to the loops of the 3-string clasps and the fastening clasp of your choice.


  1. Еarrings are very elegant.
    I like your style, there own person ..

  2. Thanks Leida for your kind comments. They happen to be my wedding day earrings.