Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drastic Plastic :-

Ain't it swell how the swiftest beading projects usually deliver the bulkiest pieces?  Bigger sure is quicker!

Plastic-Coral-Pendant Thong
"I love plastic.  I want to be plastic."
- Andy Warhol -

Materials for Plastic-Coral-Pendant Thong :-

5 x plastic coral branches
6 x large plastic beads in turquoise
3 x large plastic beads in purple
0,5mm cotton waxed cord cut into lengths of 1 x 1 metre & 2 x 80cm

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread a purple bead, a turquoise bead, the five coral branches and a turquoise bead on to the centre of the 1 metre piece of cord.  Cross the two ends of the cord in the purple bead.

2.  Add a turquoise bead on each strand and cross in another purple bead.  Make one more loop like this.

3.  Pick up the remaining two 80cm pieces of cord and feed them both through the last purple bead.  Pull the ends to position the purple bead in the middle of these cords.  Braid the three ends on each side of the bead for a more secure fit.  Finish with a knot or leather crimps and fastenings.

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