Monday, July 11, 2011

Triangle Dangles :-

Look drop-dead gorgeous and edgy simultaneously with triangular accessories.

Triangle Dangle Earrings

Silver-and-Pearl Slice Brooch
"The stars are the apexes of what triangles!"
- Henry David Thoreau -

Materials for Triangle Dangle Earrings :-

2 x silver earring hooks
2 x fireball crystals in clear AB
2 x fireball crystals in tanzanite
6 x 10mm faceted crystals in turquoise
turquoise gem chips
amethyst gem chips
size 8 turquoise seed beads
violet bugle beads
silver plated cupchain ( 2 x 7 cups)
silver wire
silver eye pins

Step-by-step :-

1.  String three turquoise crystals on to the center of approx. 25cm of wire.  Bend the wire ends on both sides upwards so that the turquoise crystals form the base of a triangle.  On each wire end, string five turquoise gem chips followed by five turquoise seed beads.  Twist the two wire ends at the top of the triangle and position at the back of the cupchain’s second metal link (two crystal cups from the bottom of the cupchain).  Wind the two wire ends around the cupchain by criss-crossing them behind- and over the metal links between the crystal cups.  Trim excess wire after wrapping final metal link.

2.  On to the center of approx. 30cm of wire, string two amethyst gem chips, a bugle bead, the tanzanite fireball, a bugle bead and two amethyst gem chips to form the base of the violet triangle.  Bend the sides upwards and string three amethyst gem chips followed by two bugle beads on to both sides.  Twist wire ends and slide this triangle over the cupchain stem so that the violet triangle overlaps the turquoise one, but cross at the back of the cupchain.  (Let the position of the tanzanite fireball within the turquoise triangle guide you eye as to where you’ll start wrapping around the cupchain.)  Wind wire ends around the same cupchain, but this time twist wire ends for approx. 2cm above the final crystal cup.  Finish with a wrapped loop and trim excess wire.

3.  String the clear AB fireball crystal on to an eye pin and make a plain loop above this crystal.  Connect the loop above this crystal to the loop of an earring hook and the loop below this crystal to the wrapped loop of the cupchain-and-triangles motif.  Make a second earring to match the first.


Materials for Silver-and-Pearl Slice Brooch :-

33 x 6mm silver bicone beads
1 x 10mm glass pearl in cream
12 x 7mm glass pearls in cream
approx. 90cm of silver wire (plus 15cm for brooch back)
1 x silver brooch back

Step-by-step :-

1.  This slice-shaped brooch is literally a piece of pie to make.  Simply start by stringing three silver beads on to the center of the wire and cross in the first two beads.  Pull the wire snug and manipulate the beads to form a three bead circle.

2.  Next string three silver beads on to any wire end and feed the other wire end through that row.  Apply the same procedure through all the rows, following this sequence :-         Row 4:         4 silver
                                      Row 5:         2 silver, 1 pearl, 2 silver
                                      Row 6:         6 silver
                                      Row 7:         3 silver, 1 large pearl, 3 silver
                                      Row 8:         3 silver, 1 pearl, 1 silver, 1 pearl,
3 silver
                                      Row 9:         9 pearls

3.  After feeding through the final all pearl row, loop the remaining wire ends back through the relevant pearl on both ends and trim excess wire.  Use approx. 15cm of wire to sew the brooch back on to the back of the motif and trim excess wire if applicable.

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