Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Live Earth Neutral :-

Amp up your complexion - make earrings with electric wire in acid colours for an instant elegant kick.

Electric Wire Earrings

Floral Brooch

"Nature is neutral"
- Adlai E. Stevenson -

Materials for Electric Wire Earrings :-

dewired electric wire in green-yellow
          (gathered from an electrician’s off-cuts)
10 x 8mm faceted acrylic beads in blue
2 x large silver oval fittings (with one hole)
2 x silver earring hooks
2 x silver head pins
4 x silver eye pins
silver wire

Step-by-step :-

1.  What makes dewired electric wire so versatile is that not only can you bend and mould it in any fashion you desire, but you can actually also pierce through this soft acrylic medium.  That presents an abundance of options concerning connecting difference lines with curves in a given design.  For this basic earring design, cut silver wire into two lengths of approx. 15cm each.  On one end of the two wires held together, twist the two wire ends for approx. 2cm and complete a wrapped loop with the twisted wire.  Thread a 2cm piece of green-yellow wire tube, a blue acrylic bead, a 3,5cm piece of tube, a blue bead and a 2cm piece of tube on both wires.  Twist remaining wire ends together and finish with a wrapped loop.  Trim excess wire.

2.  Bend this piece in half.  Use a tall headpin to carefully pierce through the middle of the tube.  After that, string a blue bead and a 3cm piece of tube on the head pin.  Ensure that the blue bead is laying snug inside the curve of the bended tube and finish the head pin with a plain loop.  Trim excess wire.

3.  String the hole of the large silver oval fitting on an eye pin, followed by a very short (approx. 5mm) piece of tube and a blue bead.  Before finishing with a wrapped loop below the blue bead, slide one wrapped loop end-, the head pin’s plain loop and the other wrapped loop end of the motif onto the loop.  Finish with a wrapped loop and trim excess wire.

4.  String a blue bead on an eye pin and make a plain loop above this bead.  Trim excess wire.  Connect the loop below this bead to the plain loop of the previous head pin and the loop above this bead to the loop of an earring hook.  Make a second earring to match the first.


Materials for Floral Brooch :-

3 x large green glass leaves (with brass loops)
3 x small green glass leaves (with brass loops)
1 x 6mm antique brass jump ring
1 x tall antique brass head pin
1 x 6mm faceted glass bead in bronze
1 x antique brass bead cap
1 x pale blue acrylic flower
1 x large metal pressed flower in antique brass
1 x 15mm brooch back (with one hole)

Step-by-step :-

1.  Open the jump ring and slide the brass loops of the three large-, alternated with the three small green glass leaves onto it.  Close the jump ring.

2.  String the bronze bead onto the head pin, followed by the bead cap and the pale blue flower.  Next, slide the head pin through the jump ring with leaves, followed by the metal pressed flower and through the hole of the brooch back.  Wrap the remaining wire of the head pin snug around the brooch back and trim excess wire, if any.

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