Sunday, May 1, 2011

High on Hardware :-

Turn everyday hardware components into an iconic 70’s style pendant necklace which could turn out to be not so hard-to-wear afterall.

Hardware Pendant Necklace

"Hardware works best when it matters the least"
- Norman Ralph Augustine -

Materials for Hardware Pendant Necklace :-

3 x 50mm steel flat corner braces
10 x 8mm flat small washers
6mm jump rings in silver
5mm jump rings in silver
silver chain
2 x lobster clasps in silver

Step-by-step :-

1.  Open a 6mm jump ring.  Slide a washer and a 5mm jump ring onto it.  Close the jump ring.  Open another 6mm jump ring and slide another washer onto and connect it to the previous jump ring.  Close the jump ring.  Continue with this sequence to make a chain containing five washers.

2.  Connect another large 6mm jump ring to the bottom of the second washer.  Also connect a large jump ring to the first hole of a flat corner brace (positioned like a “V”).  Use a small 5mm jump ring to connect the former larger jump rings, ensuring that the link gets connected to the top of the “V”.  Repeat the same with the fourth washer of the chain to connect it to the fourth hole of the flat corner brace.  This will leave the third washer dangling lose from the second- and fourth washers above the “V”.

3.  To attach the second “V”, two washers get connected to the two middle holes below the previous “V” and above the two outside holes of the second “V”.  Again use a combinations of large 6mm- and smaller 5mm jump rings to connect these washers like done before.

4.  To attach the third and final “V”, make another washer chain as done in step 1, but this time use only three washers instead of five.  The third “V” gets attached to the second “V” in the same manner that the second “V” was connected to the first, except that the second washer of the chain dangles loose from the first- and third washers above the final “V”.

5.  Cut the chain in the desired length to go around your neck and use some jump rings to connect the two lobster clasps to the two ends of the chain.  Connect the chain with the two lobster clasps to the open ends of the original washer chain.

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