Monday, August 1, 2011

Knots and Chain :-

Knot-on is spot-on!  No crochet skills are required to weave this delicate bracelet.

Infinity Pendant

Knotted Cord and Chain Bracelet
"We learn the rope of life by untying its knots."
- Jean Toomer -

Materials for Knotted Cord and Chain Bracelet :-

Cotton waxed cord in chocolate and tan
Size 6 seed beads in purple
Antique brass chain
Antique brass leather crimps
Antique brass jump rings
Antique brass T-bar clasp

Step-by-step :-

1.  Cut 2 x 25cm of the tan cord and 2 x 60cm of the chocolate cord.  Tie all four threads together approx. 5cm from one end.  Separate the threads and arrange the tan cords in the center with the longer darker cords at the ends.

2.  Cross the left dark cord over the two light ones.  Then pass it underneath the dark one.

3.  Cross the right dark cord underneath the two light ones and then pass it over the left dark one.  Pull the two dark cords to tighten the knot.

4.  Now the two dark cords are switched around.  (Meaning what use to be the left thread is no on the right side and vice versa).  So this time, start by crossing the right dark cord over the two light ones and underneath the left dark one.  Then the left dark underneath the two light and over the right dark.  Tighten this knot also.

5.  The third knot is made in the same manner than the first, except that a purple bead gets added on to the first dark cord before passing over the light cords.  Complete the knot with the other cord as done before.  Simply continue with this sequence, adding a bead on every third knot to make a ban approx. 13cm long.  Finish by tying all four threads together and attach leather crimps to the ends.  Trim excess cord.

6.  Make another band as before by switching the two colours of the cords.  Also cut approx. 13cm of chain and add dimension to the bracelet by making a band that is woven onto the chain following the same procedure as before.  (No need to add beads also while experimenting weaving onto the chain).

7.  Once the leather crimps are attached to all the ends, use a combination of 4mm- and 5mm jump rings to attach them to the t-bar fastenings.


Infinity Pendant :-

1.  Take any decorative pendant and loop two pieces of chain through it on both sides.

2.  How long you want the two pieces of chain is up to you.  Simply use jump rings to bring the respective ends of chain together and attach to your selection of clasps or fastenings.

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