Thursday, August 11, 2011

From Venice with Stuff :-

From VENICE with Stuff
The woman who would return from her first trip to Venice without obtaining some souvenirs most probably doesn't exist ... or she's barely alive.

Milli Fiori Flat Square Bracelet

Splattered Glass Pendant
"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass"
- Anton Chekhov -

Materials for :-
Milli Fiori Flat Square

1 x 40mm vertically drilled green matte glass flat square
1 x 15mm silver foiled clear glass square bead
3 x 10mm milli fiori flat squares
6 x 6mm silver bicones
2 x 15mm glass rocks
10 x 8mm multi colour glass beads
Elastic cord cut into lengths of 1 x 40cm & 1 x 25cm

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread a milli fiori flat square onto the center of the 40cm piece of elastic.  Cross the two ends in the foiled clear glass square and position the milli fiori square laying flat on top of the clear glass square.

2.  Add a milli fiori square on to each strand and cross in the large matte glass square.  Again, also ensure that all the squares are laying flat on top of the green square.  Pick up the 25cm of elastic cord and threat it through the green square also, with equal lengths remaining on both sides.

3.  Add a silver bicone, a glass rock, silver bicone and five multi colour glass beads on to the double strands on each side of the bracelet (or until the bracelet is approx. 17-18cm long).  Finish with a decent knot and feed the ends through some beads before cutting off.


Materials for Splattered Glass Pendant :-

1 x 35mm splattered glass pendant with foil backing
1 x 14mm faceted glass rondelle in erinite
3 x top-drilled citrus splash glass teardrops
3 x size 6 seed beads in sea green
1 silver lobster clasp
Silver chain
Silver wire – 3 x 7cm & 1 x 12cm
Silver jump rings
Silver eye pin

Step-by-step :-

 1.  Thread a citrus tear drop on to the center of a 7cm piece of wire.  Bend both ends upwards and thread a green seed bead on both wires.  Twist the two wire ends above the seed bead and finish with a wrapped loop.  Trim excess wire.  Make two more teardrop dangles like this.

 2.  Cut a piece of chain of approx. 5cm.  Open a 5mm jump ring and attach it to a teardrop dangle and the bottom chain link.  Close the jump ring.  Attach the remaining two teardrop dangles in the same manner further up the chain.

3.  Position the top link of the chain behind the hole of the large pendant.  Slide the 12cm of wire through the hole and the top chain link, allowing approx. 2cm of wire to bend upwards behind the pendant and chain.  Bend the tall wire end in front of the pendant also upwards and pass through the hole from behind.  Ensure that the fit is snug and wrap wire through several times until approx. 2cm of wire remains.  Cross the two wire ends at the top and twist them together.  Complete a wrapped loop with the twisted wire and trim excess wire.

4.  String the erinite rondelle on an eye pin and make a plain loop above this bead.  Open the loop below this bead and attach to the wrapped loop of the pendant.  Close the loop.  Open the loop above the bead, attach to the lobster clasp and close the loop.  Thread through chain or cord of desired length.