Friday, April 1, 2011

Primary Splashes :-

Go for something slightly unexpected by boldly combining necklaces in primary colours straight out of the crayon box.

Primary Floral & Foliage Necklace(s)

"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can."
- Danny Kaye -

Materials for Yellow Flowers Necklace :-

15 x 8mm faceted crystals in light topaz
10 x 8mm bicone crystals in violet
15 x 5mm bicone crystals in light colorado topaz
8 x 8mm pearls in purple
amethyst gem chips
size 11 seed beads in metallic bronze
2 x knot end covers in antique brass
2 x metal spacers in antique brass
2 x leather crimps in antique brass
1 lobster clasp and –end in antique brass
2 x 6mm jump rings in antique brass
2 x 5mm jump rings in antique brass
3 x 4mm jump rings in antique brass
leather cord in purple
nylon thread cut into lengths of 2 x 80cm
clear nail varnish

Step-by-step :-

1.  Right at the end of the two nylon threads, knot them a couple times and thread a knot end cover over the knot.  Apply clear nail varnish onto the knot, then close the knot end cover and trim excess threads.  Then feed both strands through a seed bead and a violet bicone crystal.  Next string two seed beads, an amethyst chip and two seed beads on each strand.  Cross in a violet bicone crystal.  Then string two seed beads, a pearl and two seed beads on each strand.  Cross in violet crystal.  Next, two seed beads, amethyst chip and two seed beads, but this time cross in another seed bead.

2.  On any strand, string five light topaz crystals alternating with four seed beads.  Go back through the original seed bead and pull the threads to from a pentagon.  Next feed both strands through a light colorado topaz bicone.  Again on any strand, string five seed beads.  Pass that strand through the first seed bead and feed the other strand through the adjacent seed bead.  Pull the threads tight again to form a little seed bead circle within the crystal pentagon.

3.  On each strand, add a light colorado topaz bicone, feed through the adjacent seed bead on the edge and back again through the bicone crystal.  Feed through the adjacent seed beads in the center and continue with this sequence with the remaining two bicone crystals.  Cross both strands in the final center seed bead and feed back through the adjacent bicone crystals.  Cross the strands in the adjacent light topaz faceted crystal.

4.  After this yellow flower motif, simply continue with a purple link motif as done before.  Continue to make a chain containing three yellow flower motifs with four alternating purple link motifs.  After the final purple link, thread a knot end cover and finish the chain off the same way it was started.

5.  Use 6mm jump rings to connect the two metal spacers to the loops of the knot end covers.  Finish the necklace off with cord or chain of desired length and fashion.  This specific necklace was finished off with some purple leather cord and the ends were crimped together with leather crimps.  For added interest, a combination of 5mm and 4mm jump rings were used to connect the loops of the leather crimps to the lobster clasp fastener and -end.


Materials for Red- & Blue Foliage Necklace :-

3 x red glass leaves (with brass loops)
2 x blue glass leaves
2 x turquoise glass leaves
7 x 8mm bicone crystals in light siam (red)
6 x 10mm bicone crystals in sapphire
Coral chips
Lapis gem chips
head pins in antique brass
eye pins in antique brass
4mm jump rings in antique brass
6mm jump rings in antique brass
chunky chain in antique brass
2 x lobster clasps in antique brass

Step-by-step :-

1.  To make the center dangle of this necklace, thread a coral chip onto a head pin.  Make a plain loop above the chip and trim excess wire.  Slide this onto the brass loop of a red glass leaf.  Open a 4mm jump ring and slide the coral-&-leaf dangle onto it plus another 4mm jump ring.  Close the jump ring.  Thread a siam bicone crystal and a coral chip on a head pin and finish with a plain loop.  Open another 4mm jump ring.  Slide on the last jump ring of the leaf dangle, the bicone-&-coral dangle and another jump ring.  Close the jump ring.  Continue this sequence with two more bicone-&-coral dangle and use a 6mm jump ring to connect this dangle to the center link of your piece of chain.

2.  Repeat the same process with a blue glass leaf as well as a turquoise glass leaf.  Use lapis chips instead of coral chips together with sapphire bicone crystals.  This time only two bicone dangles get attached to each leaf dangle.  Again use 6mm jump rings to connect these dangles to the links of the chain about three links away from the center link on both sides.

3.  Follow with two more red leaf links on both sides and then blue- and turquoise leaf links on the ends of both sides.  This time these dangles (the reds & the blues) only get one bicone dangle each.

4.  For added interest you may decorate your chain with some coral-&-siam bicone links or you may attach the lobster clasps on the chain as is.  Use these clasps to connect to the metal spacers of your “Yellow Flowers Necklace” if desired.  Alternatively you can also cut a piece of chain into the desired length to go behind your neck and connect the two lobster clasps with the two open ends of the chain.


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