Monday, February 21, 2011

Bohemian Splendour :-

Relive carefree moments in multiple strands of beads galore ... like there's no tomorrow
Three Strand Boho Necklace

Gemstones Pendant

"Not on one strand are all life's jewels strung"
- William Morris -

Materials for Three Strand Boho Necklace :-

Assortment of beads ranging from 8mm to 15mm (approx. 27)
Assortment of spacers and bead caps in silver (approx. 21)
20 x 8mm faceted acrylic beads in green
30 x 6mm bicone acrylic beads in green
peridot gem chips
malachite gem chips
6 x round silver spacers
6 x silver crimp beads
2 x 3-string clasps in pewter
T-bar clasp in pewter
8 x 7mm jump rings in silver
16 x 5mm jump rings in silver
4 x eye pins in silver
Soft Flex 015” bead stringing wire, cut into separate lengths of 45 cm, 50cm & 55 cm

Step-by-step :-

1.  Opt for larger and heavier beads (like glass & metal) in the center and lighter beads (like acrylics) tapering towards the end of the strands.  This will ensure the best balance in the hang of the necklace.  Though balance is considered, the arrangement of the assortment of beads in the center is really free-style.  Before stringing, arrange the larger beads in three rows of approximately 15cm each.  Let the beads speak to you and play around by adding decorative spacers and bead caps wherever you may desire them.  Some gem chips or other smaller beads may also be added here and there.

2.  When you’re satisfied with your preliminary arrangement, the stringing can begin.  Start with the shortest(top) strand first.  String the pre-arranged center beads of the top strand onto the 45cm of wire.  On either side of the strand, add an 8mm faceted acrylic bead, a malachite chip and a peridot chip.  Add two more faceted acrylic beads (with relevant gem chips inbetween), followed by three 6mm bicone acrylic beads (also with gem chips inbetween), ending with a bicone acrylic bead.  Repeat this sequence on the other side of the strand and put the strand aside.

3.  Next, string the pre-arranged center beads of the middle strand onto the 50cm of wire.  On each side of this strand, also string three faceted beads, followed by five bicone beads (with gem chips inbetween).  Repeat the same with the final strand, but add two extra (ie. seven) bicone beads per strand.

4.  If you’re satisfied with the final lengths of the three strands, string a round silver spacer on any end of the short strand, followed by a crimp bead.  Open a 7mm jump ring and slide a silver spacer onto it.  Close the jump ring.  Pass the end of the wire through the spacer on the jump ring and back through the crimp bead.  Snug the crimp bead close to the spacer on the jump ring and crimp the crimp bead.  With the remaining wire, go back through the beads strung and fit tight.  Repeat the same process on the other end of the strand as well as the remaining ends of the other strands.

5.  Use 5mm jump rings to attach the 7mm jump rings on the ends of the strands to the loops of the 3-string clasps.  Take care that corresponding ends get connect to the corresponding loops of the clasps.  String a 10mm bead onto an eye pin and make a plain loop above the bead.  Trim excess wire.  Make another 10mm bead link as well as two 8mm bead links.  To finish off one end of the necklace, use a 5mm jump ring to attach a 7mm jump ring to the ending of a 3-string clasp.  Use three more 5mm jump rings to attach a 10mm bead link, an 8mm bead link and the “circular” end of the T-bar clasp.  Do the same on the other side of the necklace, but use three jump rings to attach the T-bar “stick” to the bead link.  This will ensure easier handling when fastening the necklace.

Materials for Gemstones Pendant :-

1 large sliced blue agate pendant
3 x 6mm round hematites
2 x vertically drilled opal teardrops
2 x sodalite rectangles
6 x silver head pins
1 silver eye pin
2 x 7mm jump rings in silver
1 silver lobster clasp
15mm of silver wire
silver chain

Step-by-step :-

1.  String a hematite bead on a head pin and make a plain loop above the bead.  Trim excess wire.  Make another hematite dangle.  Cut a 4cm- as well as a 6cm piece of chain.  Open the loops of the hematite dangles and attach each of them to a piece of chain.  Close the loops.  Open a 7mm jump ring and slide the opposite ends of the chain onto it.  Close the jump ring.

2.  Make another hematite dangle as well as a sodalite- and two opal teardrop dangles.  Cut a 1cm piece of chain and attach one opal dangle to it.  Open the other jump ring and slide on an opal dangle, the opal-and-chain dangle, the sodalite dangle and the hematite dangle.  Close the jump ring.

3.  Position the jump ring with the chains dangles behind the bead hole of the agate pendant and the jump ring with multiple gemstones dangles in front of the hole.  Slide the wire through the hole and the two jump rings, allowing approximately 2cm of the wire to bend upwards behind the jump ring with the chain dangles.  Bend the wire in front also upwards and pass from behind through the back jump ring dangle, the bead hole of the agate pendant and exit through the front jump ring dangle.  Ensure that the fit is snug and wrap the wire through several times, until approx. 2cm of wire remains.  Cross the two wire ends at the top and twist them together.  Complete a wrapped loop with the twisted wire and trim excess wire.

4.  String the remaining sodalite rectangle on an eye pin and make a plain loop above this bead.  Open the loop below the bead and attach to the wrapped loop of the pendant.  Close the loop.  Open the loop above the sodalite rectangle, attach to the loop of the lobster clasp and close the loop.  Thread through chain or cord of desired length.

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