Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bright Pastels :-

Strike a balance in a vivid range of hues. 
Jet crystals combined with their clear counterparts can pull
delicate pastels & brights together.
"If you want to start a collection start with a brooch because you will find the most use for it.  It can be pinned on a suit lapel, collar, or pocket, on a hat, belt or evening gown."
- Joseff of Hollywood -

Materials for Brooch :-

5 x 6mm cat’s eye beads in orange
5 x 6mm cat’s eye beads in pink
5 x 5mm crystals in jet (black)
5 x 5mm crystals in clear
10 x amethyst gem chips
20 x mother-of-pearl (M.O.P) chips
1 x (3cm) brooch back (with 3 holes)
30cm of wire
60cm of nylon cord
clear nail varnish

Step-by-step :-

1.  Thread two jet crystals and an orange cat’s eye bead into the centre of the wire.  Cross the two ends of the wire in the first black crystal.

2.  Add an orange cat’s eye bead and a jet crystal on to the left end of the wire, then cross the wire ends in the jet crystal.

3.  Continue with this sequence with the remaining three orange beads and two jet crystals, finishing by threading the inner end into your starter black crystal and then cross the ends in the final orange cat’s eye bead.

4.  Next, proceed to attach the brooch back by threading the two wire ends through the middle hole towards the “back” of the brooch back.  Do push the orange cat’s eye bead firmly onto the “front” of the brooch back to completely cover the middle hole.  Snugly twist the wire ends at the back over the top edge of the brooch back and wind both ends once around.

5.  Add a pink cat’s eye bead on both ends and thread the two ends through the two side holes, again towards the “back” of the brooch back.  Again, also ensure that the two pink cat’s eye beads cover the “front” of the two side holes completely.  Wind remaining wire ends on to the sides of the brooch back, then trim excess wire.

6.  For the frilly edging, thread any of the two pink cat’s eye beads into the center of the nylon cord.  Feed both ends through the adjacent orange cat’s eye beads as well as through the remaining pink cat’s eye bead.  Continue threading through all of the remaining orange beads, adding a pink bead inbetween, and cross the ends in the final pink bead.

7.  On any strand, thread an amethyst chip, two M.0.P’s, a clear crystal, two M.O.P’s and an amethyst chip.  Feed through the adjacent pink cat’s eye bead and continue with this sequence through all five of the pink beads.  Finish with a decent knot and feed the ends of the cord through some adjacent beads before cutting off.  For added security, transparent nail varnish may be used to strengthen the knot.

Note:  Don’t worry if the frilly edging appears somewhat irregular.  It will naturally lend an organic feel to the piece, like some ocean creature in motion.

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